Covid-19 Update: Our club has been closed since March 12, due to the coronavirus pandemic and the closing of our host schools. As of September, our host schools are cautiously moving toward re-opening, but still unable to host community sports. For returning fencers (those who have completed at least a Level 1 class), we will be offering a series of outdoor group classes in September and October. Without gym access, we are unable to offer our usual beginner classes. However, head coach Viveka Fox will offer outdoor private lessons for all levels, including beginner, at her home in Addison VT, as weather permits through October. We will do our best to stay flexible and offer fencing when and where we can. If you are already a club member, you should be on my email list, and I will update you regularly as I learn more. If you are a beginner interested in taking up fencing for the first time, or a fencer moving to Vermont from elsewhere, please contact me (Viveka Fox) so that I can stay in touch with you and let you know what (if anything) the VFA will be offering moving forward.

In the meantime, I am leaving most of the information about our pre-pandemic program posted on this website, so that prospective club members can get a sense of what we did, and hope one day soon to do again.

Beginner classes start in September, January and April. Please contact us to get on our email list for details on the next round of beginner classes. Note that there are NO REFUNDS once a class session is under way, and no trial classes. If you are brand new to fencing, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND coming to observe a class, meet the instructors and club members, and make sure it is really something that you want to participate in. While incurable romantics and closet swashbucklers are very welcome in the VFA, you should be aware that modern sport fencing is quite different from the theatrical swordplay of the movies, and that participation in a Level 1 class involves a financial commitment to the entire session. See the Schedule page for class schedule, contact Viveka if you have any questions.

Advance registration is required to reserve equipment and a place in the Level 1 foil class. To register, contact Viveka with the following information: name, age, address, phone, e-mail, height, weight and whether you are right or left handed, which class (Middlebury or Charlotte) you would like to join. We use the honor system and do not require you to send payment in advance of the first class. Please be considerate and let Viveka know immediately if your plans change after you have signed up, as classes sometimes have a waiting list.

To register for VFA classes or for more information about fencing in Middlebury and Charlotte, contact Viveka Fox at or 802-759-2268.

Fencing is also available in other parts of Vermont. For contact information on other Vermont clubs, go to the Green Mt. Division website at