Update December, 2023: Registration is now open for the next round of beginner classes starts January 9 in Charlotte/January 10 in Middlebury. Contact Viveka for more information and/or to sign up.

If you are going to reserve rental equipment and/or a space in a beginner (Level 1) class:
-Class is open to age 9 through adult.
-Beginner classes are progressive (building on skills learned the previous week) so regular attendance is important. That said, you know the drill by now: stay home if you are sick, or if you suspect you were exposed to covid, and test before returning.

There are NO REFUNDS once a class session is under way, and no trial classes. If you are brand new to fencing, we recommend coming to observe a class (with an eye toward joining the next round of beginner classes), meet the instructor and club members, and make sure it is really something that you want to participate in. While incurable romantics and closet swashbucklers are very welcome in the VFA, you should be aware that modern sport fencing is quite different from the theatrical swordplay of the movies. Contact Viveka if you have any questions.

Will there be room for me in the class?
That is hard to predict. Class sizes are limited due to safety concerns, and I have a limited stock of rental equipment in a range of sizes. It is possible that I will run out of equipment in your size before I run out of room in the class, in which case, I may offer you the option to join by purchasing your own equipment, or to be added to a priority list for spring classes. The Charlotte classes tend to fill up before Middlebury classes do. Here is how I will handle registration:
-Registration for winter classes will open in December, with equipment reservations limited to new and repeating Level 1 students (Level 2/3 students must purchase their own). I will reserve equipment on a first-come first served basis by size. The sooner you register, the better your chances of my having equipment to fit you. If you are on our email list, you will get notification when registration opens
-If a class fills up, I will start a waiting list, in case anyone withdraws before the first class.
-Once the class is underway, I can not admit new students from a waiting list - the next opportunity will be in April. So please, be considerate and notify me as soon as possible if you signed up but decide not to participate. Someone may be waiting for your spot in the class.

Intrigued? Ready to try an awesome, fun sport that is also an excellent work out? There are two ways to register for winter classes:

Option 1:
Click here to download registration form:

  • Winter Level 1 Class Registration Form
    -Print and fill in page 3 of the form
    -Scan and email the completed form to Viveka.

    Option 2:
    Email me the following information for each student: name, age, class location (Middlebury or Charlotte), height, weight, dominant hand, gender.  That way I can go ahead and reserve equipment for you right away without the actual form. 
    Bring the completed form (needed for waiver signatures) to your first class.

    -Honor system: I am not collecting fees in advance, but I expect you to let me know right away if you decide not to join the class, as I may have a waiting list
    -If you are certain you want to take fencing this winter, the sooner you sign up, the better your chances of there being space and equipment for you.
    -All fees due at first class, NO refunds once classes start

    To register for VFA classes or for more information about fencing in Middlebury and Charlotte, contact Viveka Fox at vfox@gmavt.net or 802-759-2268.