Bulletin for the Week of April 29, 2019

Is completely normal this week (finally!). 6:30-9 Tuesday in Charlotte, Wednesday in Middlebury (Mary Hogan School). Level 1 students, if you missed last week (as several people did due to school breaks etc), just come about 15 minutes early this week and I'll show you what you missed.

Don't forget, as the weather warms up (which it will hopefully do soon!) - please do not wear shorts for fencing, only long pants or fencing knickers.

For the next week (in Middlebury) or 2 (in Charlotte), I plan to offer anyone who has never tried using electric equipment a chance to do so. That would include all of the current Level 1 students, plus possibly a few in Level 2 who missed their chance when I did this in the fall or winter. I will bring some club electric foil equipment and take 4-6 students each week who can stay after class to give it a try. I highly encourage staying after class to do this - electric equipment is a lot of fun, gives you real-time feedback as to whether you are hitting or not, and gives you a taste of what tournament fencing might be like (although we will not fence competitively in these try-it sessions). Level 3 foil fencers, I would love some help showing the newbies the ropes and reffing them, so if you can give a few minutes of your time toward the end of practice, that would be awesome.

Summer Clinic update: I have so far received 6 deposits, and see 18 names on the AskFRED list. Magic number is 20 deposits by June 3, or clinic will be cancelled. Not yet signed up? Put your name on the list here:
https://askfred.net/Clinics/whoIsComing.php?clinic_id=43299. Already signed up? Get your registration form and deposit in to me (sooner the better). Reminder, clinic is July 26-28 in Middlebury, open to all teen and adult fencers (from Competitive Squad members down to those currently in Level 1 classes), plus 11-12 year olds with at least 2 years experience.

With the host club cancelling last weekend's tournament due to expected under-attendance, the point standings for foil and saber are now finalized, and we have some interested races in epee, veterans, youth and rookie of the year going into the Ticonderoga Challenge.

The Champlain Cup is the Green Mt Division's fencing league. For every tournament in Vermont, competitors earn one point for each event that they enter no matter where they place. In addition, bonus points are awarded for high placement, depending on the strength of the tournament. These range from 24 points for and A2 event (open epee at the Middlebury Open was our only one of these this season, I think), to 2 points for an E, U, age group, or single gender event with fewer than 15 competitors. If first place earns a bonus of 15 points (for example), then 2nd place earns 14, 3rd earns 13 and so on, for 80% of the field. Bottom 20% of the field always get just one point no matter the field strength.

Raw point standings can be found here:
Foil: https://askfred.net/Results/plist.php?list_id=3791
Epee: https://askfred.net/Results/plist.php?list_id=3790
Saber: https://askfred.net/Results/plist.php?list_id=3792

Notes on these standings: because AskFRED calculates points automatically using a set algorithm, it sometimes awards excess points to age group or single-gender events, which have to be corrected by hand at the end of the season by the Division VP (thank you to our current VP and Pointsmeister Ray Schuppe). So if you see a discrepency between points listed below and those on the links above, the ones below are corrected points. Also, because the whole purpose of the league is to encourage regular participation, to earn any of the trophies, you must participate in at least 3 different tournaments (you can't get a Champlain Cup award for winning a single tournament). Top fencer in each weapon gets their name engraved on the Champlain Cup perpetual trophy (eternal glory!). Top 3 in each weapon receive a trophy. In addition combined points across all weapons are used to select the Best Veteran (born 1979 or before), Best Youth (born 2005 or later), Rookie of the Year (less than 2 years total fencing experience, first Champlain Cup tournament in 2018 or 2019), and the Leader's Sword (a replica rapier that is passed on each year to the person who has the most combined points across all weapons).

Final Standings, Foil
1. Scott Brookes, Moe FC (Boston), 72 points
2. Andrew Simon, Dartmouth/Upper Valley, 61 points
3. Viveka Fox, VFA, 42 points
Honorable Mentions: Justin Brideau (UVM) 41, Isidora Bailly-Hall (VFA) 39

Final Standings, Saber
1. Seth Wyatt, PVFC, 28 points
2. Charlie D'Souza (Unat), 21 points
3. Walker Sorensen (Keene), 19 points

Epee Standings going into Ticonderoga
1. Ryan Bagley (VFA), 115
2. Jack Brisson (VFA), 84
3T. Will Nop (VFA), 80
3T. Birk Rivait (VFA), 80
5. Jesse Lussier (VFA), 73
6. Peter Horak (Bay State), 72
I don't think anyone can catch Ryan for first, but we have a tight race for 2nd and 3rd!

Best Veteran-standings going into Ticonderoga
1. Anne Crocket (SC), 66
2. Viveka Fox (VFA), 63
3. Paul Walting (PVFC), 58

Best Youth-standings going into Ticonderoga
1T. Torrey Hanna, Ciaran May, Val Keepin, all with 8 points. Ticonderoga will be the tie-breaker!

Rookie of the Year-standings going into Ticonderoga
1. Susan Nop (VFA), 7
2T. Philip Skidd (VFA), Eli Murner (VFA), 5
Also, Finn Yarbrough if you are out there reading this....you actually have more points than Susan but only participated in 2 tournaments. If you were to come back and participate in Ticonderoga, you would walk away with this!

Leader's Sword
1. Ryan Bagley, an outstanding 143 points total. No-one is going to catch him!

The Champlain Cup trophies will be awarded at the end of the Ticonderoga Challenge on May 25.

The final tournament of the season will be the 22nd annual Ticonderoga Challenge Outdoor Epee Tournament at Fort Ticonderoga on May 25 (raindate May 26. If it rains both days we are out of luck, but that has only happened once in 23 years, so fingers crossed....). This tournament is a blast. How many fencers get to fence every year in an 18th century French fort? We are lucky!. Here is all the good new about the Ti Challenge:
1. Never fenced epee before? No problem. I will offer a little intro to epee for anyone who is interested after Level 1/2 classes in mid-May. The basic moves are similar to foil (although the rules are different), so it is not hard to make the transition.
2. Because it is not an official sanctioned event (no ratings may be awarded at outdoor events), it is okay for noncompetitive members to participate. You don't have to upgrade just for this.
3. There is a youth event included, for fencers born 2005 or later
4. While there is not a separate women's event, if weather permits (i.e. we are not trying to finish quickly ahead of rain), we will hold a fence-off for a special award among the top 8 women in the event (yes girls, there has been a year when the same person won both the open and women's awards)
5. Awards are beautiful and unique old-fashioned rosettes.
6. There is a party at my house afterward (on the way home for most Vermont fencers)

Want to participate? Advance sign up is required (by May 20 at the latest, to get free admission to Fort Ti) Sign up here:

New to using AskFRED? Directions are here:

I always appreciate all of you who help schlepp equipment to my car after practice - thank you again! I am experimenting with a different way of packing that I think works a little better. I am leaving back seats up. In rear cargo area (trunk): Duffel bag of jackets goes on bottom, crammed against back seats. Rental foil and epee bags go next to it, nose to tail with eachother. Large red duffel with masks goes on top of these. In back seat area: Blue and black wheelie bags (3 of them) go on floor behind passenger and driver seats (smallest one on its side over middle hump). 2 Leon Paul bags and 2 orange wheelie bags (which have now replaced the broken hard-sided green and zebra cases) go in back seat (wheels toward the seatback). My fencing bag goes on top of the stuff in the back seat.

Why the change? I'm starting to shop for the replacement to my trusty old Pontiac Vibe (which is old enough to fence in open events next season, but which is sadly uninspectable at the moment). My criteria are: a. gets 45 mpg or better (gotta do something to reduce my carbon footprint if I want to justify flying off to fencing tournaments all over the country), b. big enough to haul all of the club fencing gear, c. affordable (I'm not exactly in the Lexus or BMW demographic), d. gets good reviews/expected to be reliable. So far, I have identified and test driven exactly one model (Kia Niro - a hybrid similar in style to the Vibe) that seems to meet these criteria (yes, I take all the fencing gear with me car shopping, much to the bemusement of the salespeople). The Kia is a slightly different shape/layout from the Vibe, which inspired the new packing protocol (which I like well enough to keep whether or not I buy the Kia). Okay, car buffs out there - any suggestions for me to consider besides the Kia? Any Kia owners with high praise or horror stories?

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