Special Update, November 13, 2020

Due to the ongoing covid surge, the governor has paused recreational sports in Vermont. Although I am sad (I am going to miss you and miss fencing!), I think this is a wise precaution (in fact, I had already decided to cancel next week's fencing classes at the Opera House). There is a slim chance (covid situation permitting) that we may be able to squeeze in a couple of limited round robin nights (Dec 10 and 14, the midpoint between Thanksgiving and Christmas), but if that is not safe to do, I hope we can reconvene at VOH some time in the winter. Let's all do our part to flatten the curve, so we can stab each other again!

The punch card you purchased for classes this fall never expire. Just hold on to it (put it somewhere you won't lose it!) and you can use it again whenever classes resume and you are ready to return.

If you are not already a member, I invite you once again to join the VFA Discord Channel, by clicking this link:
(Contact Viveka for Link)
This is our club chat room, where we can discuss any and all fencing and fitness topics, or just keep in touch with fencing friends while we are unable to meet in person. When you sign in to the VFA channel, please use your real name (not nickname you may have from other Discord use).

I will not be sending out regular weekly bulletins during this shut down, just updates if I have something new to share.

Until we can fence again, stay safe, and keep in touch!

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