Update as of 3/23/22: Registration is now open for beginner classes starting in early April. If you are interested in joining this spring, please contact Viveka to get on our email list. Classes will be offered at Charlotte Central School and at a location in Middlebury tba (either Mary Hogan School or Bridge School). We are proud that we successfully returned to indoor fencing this winter with no known cases of covid transmission. Our club includes older fencers, parents of preschoolers, people with higher risk of severe covid or who live with those at risk. Fencing is a face-to-face sport where you are exercising for a prolonged period in the same limited space as your training partner. Therefore, we choose to err on the side of caution when it comes to covid safety measures. Please note up front that participation in the VFA requires full vaccination for covid for all ages (exemption for medical reasons considered with a doctor's note). At present, all fencers are required to wear face coverings, including under the fencing mask while fencing. While that requirement may change over the course of the spring if community transmission falls to low enough levels, you should for now expect to wear a mask and be willing to do so.

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Welcome to the web pages of the Vermont Fencing Alliance, a.k.a "The Northern Horde!" Fencing is an exciting Olympic sport which develops strength, agility, fitness and mental focus. The Vermont Fencing Alliance is a US Fencing Association sanctioned club, with branches in Middlebury (founded in 1992) and Charlotte (founded in 1997).

We offer an active program of recreational fencing and competitive training for people age 9 through adult. Our activities include foil and epee classes at all levels, private lessons for intermediate and advanced students, open fencing, a regional league for friendly competition, and travel to meets throughout New England and beyond. Whether you want to go for the gold, or just a little swashbuckling for fun and exercise, the VFA warmly welcomes beginners.