VFA-in-Exile Update #3
March 18, 2020

The VFA "virtual fencing club" is up and running on Discord. 18 members so far. I would love to see all of you join. I am going to be communicating a lot more via Discord as we go forward, rather than fill up your email in boxes. It's also fun to be able to interact with you in real time. My goal by the end of today is to get up the first video in my "Cat Toy Footwork" series. If you want to see what that is (and participate) please join the Discord server!

Contact Viveka for a link to create an account for yourself. Please use your real name, as you would in the fencing club. You will also need to download the free app for your computer or phone (quick and easy to do, in my experience).

I would like to make an offer to all fencers who own their own basic set of gear, and are now isolated with nonfencers. One of the best ways to learn something is to teach it to someone else. I know I became a better fencer when I started coaching! Therefore, I deputize all of you (even those who just completed Level 1) as assistant coaches. If you have someone in your household who is over 8 years old (no upper limit!), I challenge you to teach that person to fence this spring. Be creative about space: push aside the furniture, or do it in the driveway as the weather warms up. You will develop your own built-in practice partner, and when we reconvene, we could have a whole slew of new fencers who want to join the VFA!

Here is how I would like to facilitate this:
-I will soon be posting all my lesson plans from the fall and winter terms on-line, organized by levels. If you would like guidance about what to teach in what order, use this as a resource. But don't hesitate to add your own teaching ideas too.
-Once I have cleaned all the club equipment (wash jackets and dry them outdoors, put masks in sunlight for a few hours as UV rays are a great disinfectant), I will make it available for your "student" on a sign-out basis. You can contact with me with your student's size info (height, weight, age, gender, whether right or left handed). I will put together a package set for that person. You pick it up from my porch in Addison (we can wave at each other through the window, or shout across the driveway, but you won't need to enter my house and we will observe proper social distancing). It is yours to borrow for the duration, and return to me properly cleaned at the end. There is no charge for this, just make sure to take good care of it. I am offering it to people who have taken the step of purchasing their own equipment, because that shows me that you are commited to continuing fencing and won't ghost on me with the borrowed equipment.

A note to those in isolation by themselves: at this time, I do not encourage you to start teaching a friend who does not live in your household. However, after 2 weeks of isolation for both you and your friend, it might be possible for you to get together (follow CDC and health department recommendations on this).

Stay strong out there.