VFA-in-Exile Update #2
March 15, 2020

After a little research, and with some help from our millenial-in-residence-for-the-duration (my niece), I have settled on the Discord app for creating an on-line VFA community. Discord is used widely by gamers (so some of you may already be on it), but also increasingly by businesses and shared-interest groups. Our Discord chat room (called a "server") will not only let us message each other, but looks like a powerful tool for phone and even video conferencing. I am just beginning to learn to use it! I have set up some "channels", which are areas dedicated to different topics (so far: fitness, armory, strategy, video watching/discussion, and socializing). Now I want you all to move in and make yourselves at home in our virtual fencing club!

To join, request a link from me (current club members only please) and create an account for yourself. Please use your real name, as you would in the fencing club.

Fencers of all ages (including kids, so please keep everything on Discord appropriate) and of all skill levels are welcome in the VFA's on-line community! It is a private group, so new members must be approved by me (I intend and hopefully have set up this way). Discord is free to use, and ad-free. You can download the app for Mac or PC desktop (I have it running on my Mac now), as well as iPhone or Android.

Let's help each other stay fit and sane in crazy times. See you on the VFA Discord server!