Bulletin for the Week of November 26, 2018


I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! Here is the schedule for the rest of the fall term.

Mon. 11/26 Level 1/2 class #9, Middlebury, 6:30. Competitive squad/lessons with Geoff as usual
Tues 11/27 Level 1/2 class #9, Charlotte, 6:30. Competitive squad/lessons with Geoff as usual
Wed 11/28 and Thurs 11/29 Level 3 classes (#9) and open fencing as usual, 6:30-9 pm, afternoon lessons with Viveka (at Mary Hogan, not MUMS)

Mon. 12/3 Level 1/2 class #10, Middlebury, 6:30. Competitive squad/lessons with Geoff as usual
Tues 12/4 Level 1/2 class #10, Charlotte, 6:30. Competitive squad/lessons with Geoff as usual
Wed 12/5 and Thurs 12/6 Level 3 classes (#10) and open fencing as usual, afternoon lessons with Viveka

Monday 12/10 Assuming no cancellations in Middlebury this week or next, this is an unused make up date. I propose a holiday party with a rowdy round of the Infamous Candy Stealing Game! Charlotte fencers are invited to join us. More info in next week's bulletin.
Tues 12/11 Make up Level 1/2 class (#8), 7:30-9 p.m (plus open fencing for Squaddies). NOTE LATE START TIME (from Dec 11 through late February, we will probably have the gym 7:30-9:30, although if the town rec basketball schedule allows it, we will start and end earlier. Viveka's and Geoff's private lesson schedules in Charlotte will be adjusted accordingly for January and February. We won't really know until basketball is underway, so please follow this weekly bulletin for updates).

Wed 12/13 through Tues January 1: winter holiday break, no fencing. Level 3 classes resume on January 2 and 3. Winter Level 1/2 classes start on January 7 and 8.

Every single one of you are invited back for the winter term! If you are currently in a Level 1 class, you will move up to Level 2 (with the occasional exception of very young children or those who missed a lot of classes and choose to repeat). Once in Level 2, you will repeat that for a while (generally several years for younger kids, less for mature teens and adults) until I see that you are ready to start attending both Level 2 and 3. You then attend 2 practices per week (at no extra cost, I want you to fence more!) for a while, until I see that you have achieved a solid mastery of the Level 2 skills, show enthusiasm for bouting and competing, and have developed the focus and independent motivation of a competitive fencer. At that point, you may be invited to join the Competitive Squad program on Monday/Tuesday instead of continuing to repeat Level 2 classes. While the Level 1 class is a 10-week cycle, the Level 2 class is a 20-week cycle, so the winter classes will (mostly) be different than the fall classes.

If you are currently renting equipment and wish to continue to rent for the winter term, please let me know as soon as possible (by email please, I may forget if you just tell me at practice). I do not automatically reserve rental equipment for Level 2 fencers, and I may run out of your size as I start to register new Level 1 students. For advice on buying your own equipment, look here:

Do you have any friends who might be interested in fencing? Our club grows mainly by word of mouth. For every friend you bring to join the winter Level 1 class, you will get $5 off your own class fees (so, if you recruit 21 friends, I will actually owe you money....). Please invite your friends to drop in and observe one of the remaining classes (this week would be better than next, class #10 is not really typical and involves more talking than usual). Encourage them to get in touch with me soon (feel free to share my email and phone number, or refer them to our website at www.vtfencingallliance.org). Note: I will be traveling from Dec. 13 through 28, so not available by phone and only sporadically by email during that time.

What: Upper Valley Holiday Open. Open and E-Under events in all weapons.
When: Saturday, Dec. 8. See AskFRED for event times. Please register by December 3 to get a discount on your entry fees and really really help the tournament organizers (including me).
Where: Sharon Academy, Sharon VT
Who: All teen and adult fencers (born 2005 or before). Competitive USFA membership is required (noncompetitive members may update any time in advance on line at www.usfencing.org, or over the phone).

Why you should go:
a. There are E-Under events just for E and Unrated fencers (i.e. beginning to intermediate competitors). These events are great for novice competitors. You get to fence eachother in a supportive environment, with more experienced volunteers doing the reffing, and loaner equipment available for everyone who needs it who signs up by Dec. 3. Currently the E and unrated epee fencers are whalloping the foilists in sign-ups. What's up with that, E and unrated foil fencers?
b. If you don't yet own your own electric equipment, this is your chance to get more electric fencing experience. I bring club equipment to all tournaments (but not to all practices).
c. Sharon might seem like a long way to go, but in the fencing world, the Upper Valley Fencing Club are our near neighbors. If we want UVFC fencers to come to the tournaments we host, we have to reciprocate and visit them when they are the hosts. Besides, apres-tournament merriment at Worthy Burger in S. Royalton has become a bit of a tradition for VFA road warriors.
d. Last tournament before the holidays! Get your fencing fix before the break.
e. Champlain Cup tournaments are fun and friendly. Yes, we keep score, but you can come in dead last (someone has to) and still have a really worthwhile experience, as you learn, develop your skills, and become part of the wider fencing community (where every single person was a beginner once....).
f. Maybe this time it won't be snowing. There is always that chance.

To sign up, see event times, see who else is coming, and get directions: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=41786

New to AskFRED, need help using it for the first time? Look here: www.vtfencingalliance.org/old_posts/HowToUseFRED.htm

Note: The Upper Valley Holiday Open is for teens and adults. The next youth events (for kids born 2006 or later) are at the Mid-Winter Melee, January 13 in Middlebury, (youth foil and epee, teen and adult open events in all weapons). For info and to sign up: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=41585