Bulletin for the Week of December 3, 2018


This is the last full week of fencing for the fall. All classes and practices are as usual this week. In Level 1/2 classes we will be working on the skills of observing and describing the fencing phrase (an important part of being a good ref, and also, of analyzing your opponent). Competitive Squad will have their second Scrimmage Night tonight in Middlebury (Charlotte Squaddies, please come visit!). Here is the plan for next week:

Monday, Dec 10, 6:30-8:30 pm, Mary Hogan School, Middlebury. VFA Holiday Party featuring the Infamous Candy Stealing Game! Everyone is invited, including Charlotte fencers (note: if coming from Charlotte and using rental equipment, please let me know by that morning so I can make sure there is enough rental equipment for everyone. If you have your own equipment, you can just show up). Everyone starts the evening with a bag of candy - the more experienced and/or higher rated you are, the less you get to start with. You spend the evening fencing 5 point bouts in any weapon (including saber!) with as many different people as possible. The loser of each bout gives one candy piece to the winner (don't worry, nobody every completely runs out). At the end of the evening, there will be small awards for those with the most candy in their bags - including an award for the best youth fencer and the best unrated teen or adult.

Tuesday, Dec 11, 7:30-9:30 pm (note time change, basketball season starts!), Charlotte. Make-up Level 1/2 class (we will go back to class #8, which we skipped), plus open fencing for Competitive Squad fencers.

Dec 12-Jan 1: Holiday break. Winter Level 3 classes start Jan 2/3 and Level 1/2 classes start Jan 7/8.

Are you currently renting equipment for classes? Please let me know ASAP whether you would like to reserve rental equipment for winter classes, will get your own before winter classes start, or will not be fencing this winter.

What: Upper Valley Holiday Open. Open and E-Under events in all weapons.
When: Saturday, Dec. 8. Please register by midnight tonight to get a discount on your entry fees and really really help the tournament organizers (including me).
Where: Sharon Academy, Sharon VT
Who: All teen and adult fencers (born 2005 or before). Competitive USFA membership is required (noncompetitive members may update any time in advance on line at www.usfencing.org, or over the phone).

Event Schedule
9:30 am Open Foil
10 am E-Under Epee
11:30 am Open Saber
12:30 E-Under Saber
1:30 pm E-Under Foil
2 pm Open Epee

Note: E Epee is looking like it will be a solid D1 event (20 fencers including 9 Es are already signed up). E Foil is very close to being a D1 (13 fencers including 2 Es are signed up as of this morning-although I notice 3 of them are also signed up for Open Epee, which may not be allowed as the events will overlap significantly). To be a D1 event, there must be 15 or more competitors, including at least 4 Es (of which at least 2 must finish in the top 8). Why does this matter? In a D1 event, the winner earns a D rating and the 2nd and two 3rd place finishers earn Es. That makes it an exciting opportunity for fencers to move up the ratings ladder! While ratings are not the end all and be all of fencing, they are benchmarks of progress and goals to work toward.

Entry fees if registered by midnight tonight: $15 for your first event plus $5 per additional event. Entry fees if you register later this week (including walk-ins): $20 for your first event plus $10 per additional event.

To sign up, see event times, see who else is coming, and get directions: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=41786

New to AskFRED, need help using it for the first time? Look here: www.vtfencingalliance.org/old_posts/HowToUseFRED.htm

An intrepid band of Northern Horde road warriors traveled to Troy NY on Saturday for the annual RPI Open. Congratulations to our finalists!
Open Epee (25 competitors, C2 event-the top 2 fencers were Bs, but not enough Cs made the final to make it a B2)
2. Jack Brisson
5. Will Nop

Jack and Will swept their pools and started DEs seeded 1 and 2 respectively. Will won his first DE, but lost in the round of 8 to a B-rated fencer (who had dropped a pool bout and therefore started DEs with an unexpectedly low seed). Jack won 3 DEs, before losing to the same B-rated fencer in the gold medal match.