Bulletin for the Week of September 14, 2020

We have been lucky with the weather for our first two Saturdays of outdoor practice, and at least, as of today, it's looking good for this coming weekend as well! Don't worry if you miss a class, that's why we are doing punch cards, drop in and out as your schedule allows.

This week's schedule-note change in Charlotte.
9:30-11 a.m Char Foil
11-12:30 Char Epee
2-3:30 Midd Epee
3:30-5 Midd Foil

Locations: Middlebury - E. Midd rec park (it's starting to feel like home). Charlotte-I would like to use the tennis courts again, just waiting for the okay from town rec (I asked if we could reserve a court, so that tennis players will expect us to be there, waiting to hear what she says).

I will send an update to the Active Fencer list later this week with confirmation of Saturday's when, where and weather.

An unusual tournament for an unusual year.

Location: East Middlebury rec park outdoor tennis courts. Located behind the Sarah Partridge Library, near the corner of School House Hill Rd and E. Main St (Route 125).

Date: Target date is October 11, weather permitting. If weather is bad on Oct 10 (causing the VFA Saturday classes to move to Sunday) or Oct 11, we will postpone to Oct 18 or 25. We will just need to be flexible and deal with Mother Nature.

Who is this tournament for? All members of the Green Mt Division! As it is an unsanctioned event (no ratings can be earned), a noncompetitive US Fencing membership is sufficient. This is meant to be a fun and friendly event for all ages and skill levels, so come give it a try, even if you are a relative beginner and have never fenced in a tournament before. This is a great chance for Middlebury and Charlotte fencers to fence together, and hopefully be joined by a few UVM and Upper Valley folks as well.

Age groups: Based on anticipated interest, we are breaking in to age groups. Fencing age groups are based on your birth year, not your age the day of the tournament. There will be 2 age groups for foil:
Youth (essentially 14-), birth year 2006 or later
Teen/adult (essentially 15+), birth year 2005 or before

There will be 3 age groups for epee
Youth (essentially 14-), birth year 2006 or later
Teen/young adult (essentially 15-39), birth year 1982-2005
Veteran (essentially 40+), birth year 1981 or before

Please make sure to sign up for the right event, according to your birth year.

Entry fee: Instead of entry fees, the VFA will be holding our annual raffle (was supposed to be part of the Middlebury Open in March, but that was cancelled). Please buy a generous number of raffle tickets ($1 each or 6 for $5). The drawing will take place in the middle of the day (after epee fencers have signed in but before they start fencing). Winners need not be present. Lots of great prizes! More about the raffle next week.

All fencing will be electric. VFA members who do not own their own electric equipment should arrange with Viveka in advance to borrow what you need. Equipment will be "yours" for the day, no sharing. Since we can not share masks, the mask bib is optional for novice foil fencers (experienced foilists are expected to bring and use their regulation electric foil masks).

Sign ups for tournament are done using a website called AskFRED (the Fencing Results and Events Database). The first time you use it, you have to create an account. After that FRED remembers you and it's easy to sign up for future events. Using AskFRED for the first time? Instructions are here:

Ready to sign up for the October Surprise? Here is the link: