VFA Bulletin
March 14, 2022

Here is the schedule for the rest of the winter:
Tuesday 3/15 Charlotte Level 1 class #9, plus Competitive Squad
Wed 3/16 Middlebury Level 1 and Level 2/3 Class #10
Thurs 3/17 Charlotte Level 2/3 Class #10
Tues 3/22 Charlotte Level 1 class #10, plus Competitive Squad
Wed 3/23 NO fencing
Thurs 3/24 Charlotte, 7-9 pm. Bonus VFA fun night, for everyone - all levels (including those just finishing up Level 1), Middlebury fencers are welcome. This will be a very informal in-house competition (think: the Candy-Stealing Game, for those who remember that), everyone fences everyone. Also, last chance to turn in rented equipment without having to bring it to my house.

As of this week, I am no longer going to bother with having you sign in to every class (which means it's more important for you to keep track for yourself of when you need a new punch card, as I will have no record of when you were there). We will continue wearing our face masks for all remaining winter practices and the Maple Madness tournament. I will put together a survey for you next week to see if we have consensus on what our collective comfort level is with making masks optional this spring (assuming our host schools permit that).

March 29, 30, 31: No fencing (spring break).

Spring classes start April 5 (Charlotte Level 1, plus CS resumes), 6 (Middlebury, both classes) and 7 (Charlotte Level 2/3). If you are currently in a Level 1 class, you will be in Level 2/3 starting this spring. Spring practice schedule is the same as for the winter. I am still not sure whether the Middlebury group will be meeting at Mary Hogan or Bridge School. Charlotte group will be in the MPR (smaller gym) both Tues and Thurs in the spring.

All rented equipment must be returned to me by March 25, even if you are interested in renting again this spring. Through March 25, new Level 1 students get priority for equipment rental; after that, whatever I have left is available to Level 2 students who want it (but really, I would love it if you get your own!).

Please spread the word - the VFA needs plenty of new members to continue our recovery from the pandemic! Interested students are welcome to come to one of the final classes (or the March 19 tournament) to check it out (in fact, several have already told me they plan to visit). We especially need new members for the Middlebury group, which is kind of barely hanging on (the Charlotte group has a larger population base to draw from with Burlington so close). So it is even more important for you Middlebury fencers to tell your friends about the VFA. I am looking for fencers to post an ad in Front Porch Forum this week in the following towns: Charlotte, Shelburne, S. Burlington, Middlebury, anywhere in Addison County (except Vergennes, 'll do that one), anywhere in northern Rutland County. If you can help, please email me and I'll send you a blurb to use.

2. HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR THE MAPLE MADNESS TOURNAMENT? Today is the last chance to get the discounted entry fee (plus it is super helpful for me to know well in advance who to expect). It looks like it's going to be a reasonably well-attended tournament, should be a lot of fun, with E-under foil and epee events especially enjoyable for newer competitors.

9 am Doors open/set up
10 am Open Foil, E-Under Epee
1:30 pm Open Epee, E-Under Foil

All fencers must have Access or higher membership to US Fencing. If you have not yet upgraded from non-competitive status, please do it ASAP (on the usfencing.org website or by calling 719-866-4511). Do this at least several days before the tournament (don't count on getting through to the national office the day before, and the local meet managers can not do it for you). Upgrade from noncompetitive to access membership is $15, and will be good for the rest of the season.

Competitive Squad: foil fencers should arrive at 9 a.m to help set up. Epee fencers should plan to stay until the end to help clean up.

To register, get directions and see who else is coming:

It's been a while! (And it will be a year or so until we do it again). I am putting together an order for club sweatshirts and warm up jackets. Show your club pride at tournaments or where ever you go!
Here are the available items, with prices:

A. Pull-over adult hoodie (Pennant Super 10 60/40), dark green with gold logo on back and owner's name embroidered on front. $35, sizes S through XL (2XL for additional $3)
B. Full-zip adult hoodie (Gildan 50/50), dark green with gold logo on back and owner's name embroidered on front. $35, sizes S through XL (2XL for additional $3)
C. Pull-over youth hoodie (Gildan 50/50), dark green with gold logo on back and owner's name embroidered on front. $30, sizes Youth S through Youth XL (Youth XL is about same as Adult XS or S)
D. Sport-Tek Colorblock Jacket, green with white stripes, gold logo on back and owner's name embroidered on front. $39, mens XS through XL (2XL for additional $2), womens XS through through XL (2XL for additional $2)

I will wear my sweatshirt this week so you can check out the design, if you have not noticed before on other club members.
Note on warm-up jackets: manufacturers keep changing these and taking previous models out of production. Previous jacket models we have ordered are no longer available, the Sport-tek one is the closest match our supplier could find that isn't crazy expensive. As this is a new brand for us, I don't know what the fabric or style is like in person. You can see a picture of it here: https://m.sanmar.com/p/3338_FrGnWhite

How to order
Either email me or fill in the order form at practice, with the following info - which item(s) you want in what size, name to embroider (unless your full name is very short, I suggest either first or last name. You can skip the embroidery if you want, price is the same). If you are ordering something as a secret gift for someone, let me know that and I'll make sure it does not appear on the publicly visible order form.
Order will remain open until March 21 (unless we don't have a total of at least 12 items, in which case it will remain open until we do)
Payment is due by March 21 (or whenever order closes). You can give me a check (payable to VFA) at practice or mail it to me. As these are custom items, they are not returnable, so make sure of your order.
Once order goes to our supplier (Game One Sports in Rutland), it usually takes 2 or 3 weeks to get them.