Bulletin for the week of February 17, 2020


Short bulletin this week, as I just got back from Columbus a bit sleep deprived (gotta love those early morning flights) and need to make a quick turn around. But - I am back (yay for on time flights) and will be at class tonight. Reminder of schedule for this week and next:

Middlebury: meet a Bridge School this week (Monday 2/17 and Wenesday 2/19), 6:30-9. Return to Mary Hogan School next week.

Charlotte: meet at Charlotte Central School as usual this week (6:30-9 Tuesday 2/18, 7-9:30 Thurs 2/20). Meet at Shelburne Town Gym next week, 7-9 pm, Feb 25 and 27.
No fencing on Tues March 3.

It was a pleasure traveling to Jr Olympics with Peter Wolosinski and Will Nop. They were frustrated with their fencing (some technical errors and a large number of 5-4 losses) and did not make the cut into DEs (only the top 256 competitors moved on from pools in an event with a field of 393 fencers including 215 A and B-rated). However, I believe they are both ready to contribute a lot to whatever college team or club they end up on next season, not to mention seriously contend for this season's Champlain Cup awards.

T-shirt goes to the printer on Wednesday. If you know of a business sponsor or raffle prize donor who should be listed on the shirt, I need to know right away. Here are the ones I know about.
a. Cash donations received: Redstone Research, Middlebury Eye Associates, Depot Farm Supply, National Bank of Middlebury, Hinesburg Hair Studio, Parkside Cafe
b. Cash donations promised or rumored, but not yet received (please confirm these are on the way if your sponsors): Bread Loaf Corp, rk Miles, Care Electrolysis, Nop's Metal Works, Middlebury Fitness, Rouse Tire, Graham Hill Bindery
c. In-kind gifts (raffle prizes, discounts) received or promised by businesses: Forth n' Goal Sports, Little Pressroom, American Flatbread, Quarterstaff Games, Twincraft Soap, Vt Teddy Bear

Who is missing from this list? Update me right away! I don't need money or ad this week, but I do need to know the business name and what exactly they are donating.

By the way, a big thank you to Laura Fetterolf and Rob Zimmerman, who canvassed Middlebury with requests for donations last week!

I will have an update next week of how much we have raised so far. But now would be a good time to remind your friends once again about our GoFundMe campaign, as the last donation was received 6 days ago. Keep it alive and keep it going!

We have also received a number of nice donations from families and individuals. I am not going to put these on the t-shirt this year, as some are on-line (and therefore anonymous or unclear which fencer they relate to), some off-line, and some even in the form of time rather than money (thank you Don and Ray for donating your VFA teaching credits back to the club!). However, individual/family donors are welcome to put an ad or message in the Middlebury Open program (Jesse's is sure to be an instant classic....).

Have you registered to fence at the Middlebury Open?
Have you downloaded and started to sell raffle tickets?