Bulletin for the week of December 2, 2019


There are 2 more weeks of fencing left in the fall term. Here is the schedule barring any more weather interruptions. Charlotte fencers, especially take note, there are multiple changes from our usual routine!

Monday 12/2 6:30-9, Level 1/2 class #9 (of 10), open fencing as usual
Wednesday 12/4 6:30-9, Level 3 class #9, open fencing as usual
Monday 12/9 6:30-9, Level 1/2 class #10 (on bout analysis), CS and open fencing as usual
Wednesday 12/11, 6:30-9, Level 3 class #10

Tuesday 12/3, 6:30-9, Level 1 class 8 and 9 (the most important parts of both lesson plans), Level 2 class 8 (we are just skipping #9, since it will come around again in the spring). Also, try electric fencing for adult Level 1 students.
Thurs 12/5 6:30-9, Level 3 class #9, open fencing as usual
Tuesday 12/10, 7:30-9:30, Level 1/2 class #10 (on bout analysis), CS and open fencing as usual
Thurs 12/12, 7:30-9:30, Level 3 class #10

Dec 13-Jan 5: Holiday break. Winter classes start the week of January 6.

Charlotte Level 1/2 students, you may take $10 off your next round of class fees to make up for Mother Nature cheating you out of one class this fall. This applies only to those who fence on Tuesdays only (if you have been coming also on Thursdays, you have at least gotten in all the Level 3 classes you paid for).

If you ordered a club sweatshirt or jacket, please bring in your payment this week or mail it to me, if you have not already done so.

Level 1 students and anyone else who is renting equipment: I would love to have all of you back for Level 2 this winter! Please let me know by email, preferably before Dec 13: Will you be fencing this winter? If so, do you still need to rent equipment or will you be getting your own before the next round of classes start? Remember, I do not automatically re-assign rental equipment for you unless I hear from you that you want it.

Our club grows mainly through word of mouth, so make sure to tell all your friends about our winter classes. For every friend who joins a Level 1 class, you get $5 off your own class fees. Point your friends toward our website (www.vtfencingalliance.org) and/or pass on my email address. I will be traveling and hard to reach from Dec 14 through Jan 2, so the sooner folks get in touch with me, the better.

Really want to help promote the club? I have found that Front Porch Forum is a powerful tool for reaching potential new fencers, but members can only post in their own Forums. I belong to the Vergennes FPF and will post a blurb on that one. I am looking for help in posting the ad below to as many local FPFs as possible (feel free to add your own personal statement about the club if you wish). So, if you can help, please go ahead and post sometime before Christmas (just check before posting that someone else has not posted the same thing in the same issue of your Forum, to avoid duplication).

"Vermont Fencing Alliance Winter Beginner Classes
Fencing is an exciting Olympic sport which develops strength, agility, and mental focus. The Vermont Fencing Alliance offers an active program of recreational fencing and competitive training for people age 9 through adult, in Middlebury and Charlotte. Whether you want to go for the gold, or just try a little swordplay for fun and exercise, the VFA warmly welcomes beginners.

We are now registering students for beginner classes in two locations:
Mondays 6:30-8 p.m (with open fencing until 9), Mary Hogan School (Middlebury), Jan 6-March 9
Tuesdays 7:30-9 p.m., (with open fencing until 9:30), Charlotte Central School, Jan 7 - March 17

Cost for the 10-week Level 1 class is $140, which includes instruction, equipment rental, club and association dues. Partial financial assistance is available for those who could not otherwise participate. Advance registration is required to reserve equipment and a place in the Level 1 foil class (no walk-ins please!).

To register for VFA classes or for more information about fencing in Middlebury and Charlotte, contact coach Viveka Fox (vfox@gmavt.net or 802-759-2268). More information can also be found on our website at www.vtfencingalliance.org"

Saturday Dec 14, Sharon Academy, a tournament for teens and adults born 2006 or before

Event Schedule:
9:30 am Open Foil
10 am E-Under Epee
11:30 am Open Saber
12:30 pm E-Under Saber
1:30 pm E-Under Foil
2 pm Open Epee

Open (Senior Mixed) foil, epee, saber - open to anyone. If you are a novice competitor and don't mind fencing with more skilled and experienced opponents, you are welcome to participate in open events. E-Under foil, epee, saber - open to E and Unrated fencers. All newbie competitors are Unrated. These events are restricted to beginning to intermediate skill level, and are perfect for first time and other new competitors.
Please do not sign up for 2 events that begin within 30 minutes of each other.

All teen and adult events require competitive USFA membership. If you are currently a noncompetitive member, you may upgrade at any time by paying the $65 upgrade fee. All memberships expire July 31, so the sooner you make the upgrade, the more tournaments you can enjoy for your money. You can upgrade on line (www.usafencing.org, click on membership) if you know your user id and password. If not, the easiest way to do it is with a phone call to the national office at 719-866-4511 (it's in Colorado, so 2 hours earlier there). Tell them you are a member of the Vermont Fencing Alliance and Green Mt Division (note: NOT New England or Northeast Division) and that you want to upgrade to competitive. They will take your credit card over the phone, make an instant upgrade, and can also help you set your user i.d. and password so you can renew your own membership next season.

Note: I will be out of town for this tournament. I will need help to transport the club electric equipment to and from Sharon (strip equipment, plus electric foil and epee equipment). I will not be able to supply basic rental equipment (jacket, mask, glove, plastron) for this tournament, so at the least, you must own a basic set to participate. However, loaner electric equipment will be available for all fencers who are registered on AskFRED by December 9.

To register, get directions, see who else is coming, etc