Bulletin for the week of November 11, 2019


I am sending this bulletin out a little early this week because there are some deadlines and other important stuff to know.

a. The deadline to register for Age Group Fencerama is midnight Monday Nov 11 (unless you have all your own equipment and don't want the discounted entry fee). While the adult and youth events look like they will be well attended, the teen events will be cancelled if there is not a minimum of 6 fencers in each one. Also, any teens considering going to or at all interested in Jr Olympics must also register for JO Qualifiers by midnight Nov 11 (no late registrations will be allowed for this). See #2 below.

b. The deadline to order club sweatshirts and jackets is Monday Nov 11. However, we only get the advertised prices if we order at least 12 items. So far I have received 5 orders. If I do not have 12 by tomorrow, I will delay ordering until we have enough people to make a full order, which means items will not arrive before the holidays. See #3 below.

c. Looks like there is a chance of snow this week. Here is our winter weather process. If our host school closes for the day, dismisses early or closes after-school programs, we will not have fencing. I will send out an email to this Bulletin list by 3 p.m if there is a weather cancellation, so please make sure to check email and make sure that your Bulletins do not go into your spam folder. If in doubt, feel free to call me and check before driving in sketchy weather (802-759-2268). Any snow days will be made up at the end of the term (Dec 9 in Middlebury or Dec 10 in Charlotte for this fall).

d. Several fencers have been asking me about how to get their own equipment. To get you started, check out the post below. Prices may be out of date, but the advice is still good. Find it here:
If you have been renting for a year or more, it's definitely time to get your own gear (at least the basics, you can wait on electric until you are in Level 3 classes). But no need to wait a year, I encourage you to get your own as soon as you can afford it and know you will stick with fencing - you not only free up the club equipment for new Level 1 students, but you can get exactly what you want (front zip jacket, pistol grip, etc) and keep it in much nicer condition that I do with the club gear.

On Saturday Nov 16, the VFA is hosting an unsanctioned, just-for-fun tournament for every single VFA fencer, including current Level 1 students. It will take place at Mary Hogan School in Middlebury.
First the good news:
-As of today (Nov 10), 17 adults have signed up (7 for epee only, 3 for foil only, and 7 for both)
-As of today (Nov 10), 12 youth fencers have signed up (1 for epee only, 3 for foil only, and 8 for both)

Now the bad news (which it is not too late to change!):
-As of today, only 7 teens have signed up, 4 for epee and 3 for foil. In order to run the teen events, we need a minimum of 6 in each weapon. Remember, this is the only event all season just for teens (in all other events, you compete with adults). My goal is to get all of the teen fencers from Middlebury and Charlotte (plus perhaps a few from elsewhere) together in the same room at the same time. If you think it is important to welcome new teen fencers into our local tournaments, vote yes by signing up today.
-As of today, only 7 first time competitors have signed up (5 youth fencers, 2 teens, 0 adults - do we get less adventurous as we get older?) This tournament will be a low pressure, supportive and fun introduction for all newbies. In addition, for teens and adults, it is the only tournament all season that does not require an upgrade to competitive membership. You do not need to be an expert fencer or a cut-throat competitor to enjoy this tournament and learn from participating in it. The experienced fencers will be friendly and welcoming - they might defeat you, but they are also happy to coach and mentor you. We were all beginners once! Plus, there will be a social hour afterward. Current Level 1 students and any one else who has never experienced a fencing tournament, here is your on ramp, consider yourself invited!

Fencers at this tournament will be divided up by age group based on the year you were born.
YOUTH: Born 2007 or later
TEEN: Born 2000-2006
ADULT: Born 1999 or earlier

Event Schedule:
10 a.m TEEN foil
11:30 am YOUTH foil
1 pm YOUTH epee
1 pm ADULT foil and epee
2 pm TEEN epee

You may enter both foil and epee if you wish (even adults - the round robin format allows scope for fencing both as long as you have a lot of energy and are willing to switch back and forth). Never fenced epee? Feel free to jump in and try it if you want to. The basic moves are the same (or similar) so even Level 1 students already know enough to pick up an epee and experiment with it. You could even ask an epee fencer to give you a few pointers during open fencing the next few weeks. The club has a bag of epees waiting for you to try them any time!

Entry fees (payable at the door)
If signed up on AskFRED by Nov 11: $15 for one weapon or $20 for both
If signed up after Nov 11: $20 for one weapon or $30 for both

Loaner equipment will be available for fencers who need it, but if unless you own all of your own equipment (including electric) your name needs to be on the sign up list no later than Nov 11 (might as well get that discount too, right?)

Note: not sure if you can make it? It is better to sign up now, and take your name off the list later in the week if you find you have a conflict.

To sign up, get directions and see who else is coming:

New to using AskFRED? Find instructions on how to create an account and sign up for things here:

Show your love of fencing and your pride in your fencing club!

Once a year, we order club warm-up jackets and sweatshirts. If you don't order now, you will have to wait until next fall. The ordering deadline is November 11 (this coming Monday), in order to ensure we get them in time for the last practice before the holidays. To order, you may either email me or fill in the order form at practice. If you would like to order a secret gift for your favorite fencer, let me know and I'll sneak the item to you when it comes in. All jackets and sweatshirts feature the club "Northern Horde" logo on the back, "VFA" and the fencer's name embroidered on the front. All items are dark green with gold decoration (the jackets also have white accents, and the Pennant hoodie has contrasting laces).

Here is what is available:
a. Underarmour Rival Jacket. Mens and Womens sizes S through XXL, Youth sizes S, M, L, $49 each.
See picture of this jacket here:
https://www.thegraphicedge.com/catalog/under-armour-rival-knit-warm-up-jacket (men)
https://www.thegraphicedge.com/catalog/under-armour-womens-rival-knit-warmup-jacket (women)
Click on the green and white option to see it.

b. NEW STYLE this season: Heavyweight (80/20) Pennant Face-Off hooded pullover sweatshirt with double criss-cross laces in contrasting colors (gold and white). Adult unisex sizes S through XL, $32 each ($35 for XXL)
See it here (click on the green option)

c. Midweight (Gildan 50/50 blend) full zip hooded sweatshirt, Adult unisex sizes S through XL, $33 each ($36 for XXL)

d. Midweight (Badger 60/40 blend) hooded pullover sweatshirt. Adult unisex sizes S through XXL, $29 each

e. Lightweight (Gildan) hooded child's pullover sweatshirt, Youth sizes S, M, L, $23 each

Condolences to the Nop family on the passing of Susan's beloved sister.

In better news, Digger's son Keagan has been released from the hospital to convalesce at home. Thank you to those who prepared meals for the family so they can focus on caring for Keagan.