Bulletin for the Week of October 19, 2020

Mother Nature willing....forecast is warmer but chance showers on Saturday 10/24, sunny but darn cold on Sunday 10/25. Once again, I'll wait until Friday and hopefully a more definite forecast, to make a call. Whichever day we meet, foil goes first again in Charlotte

9:30 am Char Foil
11 a.m Char Epee
2 pm Midd Epee
3:30 pm Midd Foil

I wasn't sure how it would work out when we started the outdoor fencing experiment, but I must say, I have enjoyed it and I hope you have too. Despite meeting only once a week for 90 minutes, I feel like all of our fencers made really good progress this fall!

I looked at fencers who were only available one of the nights, keeping family members together on the same night, and achieving a mixed group of Middlebury-based and Charlotte-based fencers as well as a range of skill levels in each group. These assignments are for the Oct 26 through Nov 19 classes only (4 weeks). If we are still at the Opera House in January, there will be a new sign up and new groups. Foil and epee classes will run simultaneously, splitting the room as we typically did with our Level 2 and 3 classes. Please do not ask me to switch evenings just because your friends are in the other one. We have a full house, so until we see how it is going, you may only come on your assigned night and only train with your assigned weapon for class (although it is okay to fence both weapons during open fencing time). A switch of evening will only be possible if you find someone who agrees to swap with you (not my job, don't ask me to find that person for you).

Monday Foil Group: Miranda G, Jess R, Todd W, Jansen H, Simon G, Lucas B, Aidan P, April P, Owen Y
Monday Epee Group: Nate H, Indy F, Toby BR, Namid RW, Kosmo RW, Sten W, Brice D, Peter C, Chan C, Eli M

Thursday Foil Group: Ethan C, LeRoy T, Madi S, Rick D, John C, Samantha L, Jack R, Eve M, Grace W, Alex Y
Thursday Epee Group: Michele W, Ciaran M, Don S, Will N, Adam G, Jesse L, Garrett K, Karen C, Torrey H

If your name is not on this list, it is because you did not sign up. At this point, if you are interested in participating, please email me directly. I may or may not have room for you, depending on the evening and weapon. If your name IS on the list and you do not plan to participate this coming month, please let me know.

Schedule for all evenings:
6:30-7 arrival, temperature scan, sign in, set up. Please plan to arrive during this time so that we are all ready to start class promptly at 7.
7-8:15 Class (including warm up, footwork, drills and possibly a fencing game of some kind)
8:15-9:15 open fencing (bouting) time. Younger kids and early birds do not have to stay for the entire time.
9:15-9:30 clean up

If there is enough interest and the return to indoor training goes well, I am considering an in-house tournament using the Dec 7, 10, 14 and 17 evenings at the Opera House (one Mon and one Thurs for foil, one Mon and one Thurs for epee), to re-unite the foil and epee fencers with each other for some fencing fun.

So far, Don (modern fencer), Adam (18th century duelist), Isidora (musketeer) and Torrey (viking?) have committed to helping me (Zorro) with this. Who else is in? I would love to have at least 8 fencers there. The more the merrier! Especially you teenagers who are too old for trick or treating and aren't getting to go to any Halloween parties this year because of covid. Email me or let me know at class this weekend if you can help out. Do something fun for the younger kids, while providing good publicity for the VFA.

When: Sat 10/31, 4-7 pm (set up around 3)
What: Fencers in costume (which could include modern fencing uniform, or anything sword-related) handing out candy to drive-by trick or treaters. Yes, face cloaks must be worn even if not period-appropriate for your costume.
Where: Middlebury Union Middle School parking area
Needed: Decorations of all kinds. Jack o Lanterns (bonus points if fencing themed!), posters, orange and black streamers etc. Anything Halloween related or sword related. I am counting on everyone to bring something, as I have no Halloween decorations of my own (living in the boonies, I have never had a trick or treater at my house). A folding table or two would be great also. Can anyone bring one? Better Middlebury Partnership (the sponsor) will provide us with a pop-up tent and with the candy.