VFA Bulletin
January 17, 2022

1. This week's schedule
Today's snowfall should be cleaned up by tomorrow, and I am looking forward to finally getting started with the Tuesday Level 1 class and Competitive Squad in Charlotte. A few schedule reminders/adjustments:

Tuesdays, Charlotte: We are in the MPR (the smaller gym to the right of the door). As we have not yet met on a Tuesday, I don't know if there is a basketball group in there until 7:30, so for this week, we will assume that there is (if it turns out they are finishing sooner, we will move our practice times up). 7:30-8:45 Level 1 class, while Competitive Squad does a self-directed practice (I will give you some games to try). 8:45-9:30, I will work with the Squad. During this time, Level 1 students are welcome (encouraged) to stay for as long as they like and fence with each other.

Wednesdays, Middlebury: I suggest that younger fencers in the Level 2/3 group arrive at 7 p.m. I noticed that some of those who arrived earlier last week were tired out before the end of the Level 2/3 class. A 2 hour practice is enough for the younger kids - warm up at 7, bout in a mixed group with the Level 1 students from 7:15-7:45, and class from 7:45-9. Teens and adults who have the energy and focus for a 3 hour practice are still welcome to arrive any time after 6 (in fact, this is a good time for some electric fencing, but you'll need to plan it in advance with a partner or two to make sure you have someone to fence with). Level 1 students should be ready to start class at 6, and plan to stay until 7:45 if they can, so as to enjoy fencing other club members after class.

Thursdays, Charlotte: we are in the larger gym (across hall), not the MPR. Basketball ends at 7:15, so we will start as soon as we can. 7:15-8:30 Level 2/3 class, 8:30-9:15 open fencing time.

At present, the Charlotte L1 class is one week behind the Middlebury L1 class, while the Middlebury L2/3 class is one week behind the Charlotte L2/3 class (relevant if you want to attend in both towns, or sometimes go to the other one, or if you request emailed lesson plans).