Bulletin for the Week of April 15, 2019


Here is the schedule for the next 3 weeks. All practices are 6:30-9 p.m. Pay attention - double class in Charlotte this week (and none next), change of location in Middlebury next week.

Tues 4/16 Spring class #3, Charlotte
Wed 4/17 Spring class #3, Middlebury (Mary Hogan School)
Thurs 4/18 Spring class #4, Charlotte

Tues 4/23 NO class (CCS is closed)
Wed 4/24 Spring class #4, Middlebury, at the Bridge School (NOTE change of location!)

Tues 4/30 Spring Class #5, Charlotte
Wed 5/1 Spring Class #5, Middlebury (Mary Hogan School)

If you ever miss a class (and everyone does now and then!), I am happy to meet with you 15 minutes before the following class for a quick catch up (just email and remind me please). Also, it is often possible to attend the same class in the other location from time to time if you prefer - just check with me if you are renting equipment, as that is the limiting factor (those with their own equipment are welcome to come to either location any time, no need to check with me first).

Level 1 students: This week we will go over all the rules of foil fencing and you will fence your first real bouts. I will email you a class handout later today (rather than pass out papers in class and have half of you leave them on the floor….).

If you participated in this in a past summer, you know this is a lot of fun and a valuable training opportunity!

When: July 26-28. 7-9 p.m Friday, 9 am-3 pm and 7-9 pm Saturday (with a swimming and dinner break 3-7), 9 am to 3 pm Sunday
Where: Mary Hogan School, Middlebury
What: Group classes, individual lessons, discussion groups, and lots of bouting time. Coaches: Viveka Fox, Geoff Butler and at least one guest coach (possibly two if numbers warrant it). I have a tentative agreement with Maitre Gilbert Gelinas, the dynamic, energetic and highly experienced head coach of Les Seigneurs de la Rive Nord in Montreal (just waiting for him to confirm his availability).
Why: Expose yourself to new ideas from some different coaches, get a head start on next season, get some intensive training, experience a fencing camp that is affordable and close to home..
Who: Adult, teen and some youth foil and epee fencers, all levels except rank beginner (if you will have completed a Level 1 class by July, you may sign up). Teen and adult fencers of any skill level, and advanced youth fencers (ages 11-12 with 2+ years fencing and some competition experience), may register. Note that, unlike many fencing camps, this one is very welcoming and accessible to adult and veteran fencers, and we anticipate having a good contingent of adult participants.
How many: We need a minimum of 20 paid deposits by June 3 in order to run the clinic. Maximum we can take is 20 foil fencers and 20 epee fencers (i.e. 40 total). If you fence both foil and epee, please pick one to focus on for your training sessions, but you are welcome to fence both (or even saber!) during open fencing times.
How much does it cost: $150 if there are 20-28 fencers participating. $125 if there are 28 or more. $100 nonrefundable deposit must be paid by June 3 to secure your spot in the clinic (and to allow me to confirm that we have enough participants to make it happen). Balance is due at the clinic.

How do I sign up?
1. Go to https://askfred.net/Clinics/whoIsComing.php?clinic_id=43299 and add your name to the list if you are not already on it. This gives me an idea of who is interested and lets me email all of you if I need to.
New to using AskFRED? Find directions here: http://www.vtfencingalliance.org/old_posts/HowToUseFRED.htm
2. Email Viveka at vfox@gmavt.net and request a registration form
3. Mail registration form and $100 NONREFUNDABLE deposit, checks payable to VFA, to Viveka Fox, 1379 Mountain Rd, Vergennes, VT 05491 (or hand in to me at practice ASAP). I must receive your check by June 4 to guarantee that the clinic will be held and to save your place in it. Balance will be due at the clinic itself. If clinic is cancelled due to underenrollment, or if it is full and there is not room for you, I will return your deposit.

As of today, there are 17 names on the AskFRED list (6 foilists, 11 epeeists, I think), but I have only received one deposit (Seamus, leading the charge!). Please, if you know you are coming, get that deposit in to me. I will confirm with the coaches and venue as soon as I receive the 20th deposit. It would be nice if I didn't have to wait until June 3!

The Lloyd Staats Memorial Tournament celebrates the life of a Green Mt Division veteran fencer who succombed to cancer a few years ago. Tournament is at UVM (on the tennis courts inside the Patrick Gym building).

Sat April 27
9:30 a.m Open (senior mixed) Foil
12 p.m Open (senior mixed) Saber
2 p.m Open (senior mixed) Epee

Sun April 28
9:30 am Youth (Y12) Foil
9:30 am E-Under Epee
11 a.m E-Under Saber
1 pm Youth (Y12) Epee
1 pm E-Under Foil

Open events: Open to all fencers born 2005 or earlier. Competitive USFA membership is required.
E-Under events: Open to fencers born 2005 or earlier, who are E or unrated. Competitive USFA membership is required.
Youth events: Open to kids born 2006 or later. USFA membership is not required.

These are the last E/U events of the season, the last Youth Foil (although there will be Youth Epee at the Ticonderoga Challenge), and the last Open Foil and Saber- sign up and don't miss out!

Considering trying your first fencing tournament? E-under events are perfect for new teen and adult fencers, and Youth events are perfect for our younger beginners. Local tournaments are fun and friendly, a chance to be part of the broader fencing community, and a great learning experience. You do not have to be a hotshot athlete or cut-throat competitor to enjoy them! Even current Level 1 students may be ready to enjoy and get something out of this tournament by the time it rolls around (and all current Level 2 students definitely are). If you upgrade from noncompetitive to competitive USFA membership status after April 1, your membership is good through all of next season, so this is a good deal! To make the upgrade, log in to usafencing.org, or phone (for most people, phoning is easier if you do not know your log-in id and password. They can make the upgrade and also reset your password for you.) The cost of the upgrade is $65.

Sign up by April 22 to get discounted entry fee! Entry fee if registered by 4/22: $15 for first event/$5 per additional event. Late registration entry fees: $20 for first event/$10 per additional event.

To register, get directions and see who else is coming: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=43158
New to using AskFRED? Directions are here: www.vtfencingalliance.org/old_posts/HowToUseFRED.htm

Are you considering going to Summer Nationals (in Columbus OH in early July) for Div2, Div3, Y14 or Veteran events? If so, please sign up for the divisional qualifiers here: https://askfred.net/Events/whoIsComing.php?tournament_id=43157
If you are definitely not going to Columbus, or you have already qualified (veterans: by virtue of participating in any ROC or NAC), do not sign up. We will only hold the qualifier events if we need to..

Low turn out in Sharon last weekend compared to past years for this event. I missed it, but hope those that made it had fun.

Foil-Epee Doubles (11 teams)
1. Flick Stuff Up (Scott Brookes, Peter Horak)
2. Nothing is Real (Aleko Graham, Joshua Ryan)
3. Beardo and Isidora (Isidora Bailly-Hall, Jesse Lussier)

D-Under Foil (6 competitors)
1 Graham, Aleko RIVERVIEW
2 Bailly-Hall, Isidora VFA
3 Schuppe, Ray VFA
3 Rivait, Birk SC

D-Under Epee (7 competitors)
1 Nop, Will VFA
2 Selby, Donald VFA
3 D'Souza, Charlie UNAT
3 Greenwood, Seamus VFA

Meantime, I traveled to Salt Lake City for Veteran NAC #2, where I finished 9th (of 23, A1 event). Not my day, had a bit of a headache (lesson learned about caffeine management, hydration and altitude....). Had a 5 person pool (it not only sucks to travel cross country and only get to fence a few other fencers, but losing 1 pool bout hurt my DE seeding more than it would in a bigger pool). Blew my first DE (a capable, C-rated lefty, but I have beaten her several times in the past). Managed to get behind 9-2 through a combination of laziness (assuming she was going to just do me a favor and miss me) and stubbornness (attacking the wrong target from the wrong distance), before I finally got my act together. Scored 5 in a row but couldn't hold her off long enough to catch up, lost 10-7. Oh well, can't win 'em all, maybe I'll go to Summer Nationals and give it another shot.